CUSTOMIZED Hydroderm Facials


The Pro Facial Hydroderm Facial utilizes 3 aqua peeling solutions to cleanse, clarify, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin gently and effectively. Results include smoother, softer skin that is more hydrated. Pore size improvements can be seen and its a great for clearing up acne prone skin.


The PRO Facial has numerous customization to add to your Hydroderm Facial. The Radiofrequency hand piece found within the PRO Facial technology is an advanced esthetic technique used for tightening loose skin and improving mild to moderate wrinkles. Radio Frequency uses multi-polar waves that penetrate the skin with thermal energy. The Radio Frequency heat initiates collagen synthesis, immediately giving a more toned look and creating a beautiful GLOW. Because of this wonderful GLOW, we have named this customized combination treatment HYDRO Glow. Its great just before a special event or if you are interested in a monthly membership plan we recommend 6-8 treatments to see more long lasting results and improvements.


The PRO Facial Microcurrent treatment called HYDRO Lift delivers safe, painless, low-level electrical impulses to strategically retrain facial muscles. Electrical Microcurrent works off of muscle memory, allowing your face to lift naturally. HYDRO Lift is a customized Microcurrent Facial with Hydroderm Facial. It includes Hydroderm Aqua Peeling Solutions and Microcurrent together in one amazing treatment. After a HYDRO Lift session one can expect lifted muscles in the eye, cheek, and jawline areas. With the Hydroderm added to this Microcurrent treatment also expect smoother, softer and more hydrated skin for the ultimate experience.


The PRO Facial SONO or Ultrasound treatment is an advanced esthetic technology used for shaping and sculpting the jawline line and under chin areas. This technology utilizes sound waves to pressurize fat cells allowing them to liquefy. With the fat cells liquefied your lymphatic system can start to remove or dispose of the excess fat found in the jowls and jawline area immediately giving you a sharper jawline and chin. HYDRO Shape is a combination facial using the ultrasound technology to shape and sculpt the jawline and Hydrodermabrasion to then cleanse, clarify, exfoliate, and hydrate the skins surface. This treatment can be done weekly or monthly and it is recommended to complete 6-8 treatments for the best optimal results.


The FULL HYDRO DELUXE treatment utilizes everything the PRO Facial technology has to offer. The Hydro GLOW, Hydro SHAPE, and Hydro LIFT are combined together in one amazing facial. The FULL HYDRO DELUXE offers skin tightening for the face with Radio Frequency energy, shaping for the jawline and under chin area, and Lifting for the facial muscles around the eyes, cheeks, and jawline. To top it all off a Hydroderm Facial will complete the treatment to cleanse, exfoliate and then rehydrate the skin surface using Aqua Peeling Solutions designed for flawless perfection. This is the ultimate advanced skincare treatment made for all your anti-aging needs and wants. We recommend 6-8 monthly treatments for the best optimal results.


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